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About Vassiena

The Young Years

“Time to make the donuts.” You’re probably old enough to remember that former Dunkin Donuts mantra from their old commercials. But for me, it wasn’t time to make the donuts. It was time to bake the cakes. I started my first business, a mobile bakery, at the age of five. I made mini-cakes with my Easy Bake Oven and sold them to the ladies at my mom’s beauty parlor. People didn’t call them salons then; they called them beauty parlors, and my mother patronized hers bi-weekly. When I went with her, I noticed that not only did the women at the parlor chat and gossip while being serviced, but they were also ravenously hungry. One of the ladies would eventually do a store run to pick up snacks, and I would be required to assist. Ultimately, I delivered fresh cakes once a week. They were scrumptious and in high demand. At age five, I found a need and filled it. At the time, I was unaware that this was an Entrepreneurship 101 strategy taught at B-schools.

And oh, those millennials. If you are like me, at times, they make you feel like a relic. Instead of proclaiming fearfully like Paul Revere, “The British are coming,” you declare anxiously that the “Millennials are coming.” News Flash: They’re here. And they are changing the landscape with their technology and theories of instant gratification; moreover, to employers, they are more cost-effective labor.

Let’s not even talk about the media! Advertisements for millennials are focused on beauty, love, and sex. While ads for us “over forty-somethings” are focused on final expense insurance, wrinkles, hair loss, and pain or disease management. Really? If I see one more commercial for bladder leak control, I am going to scream!

More To Offer With Time

Media bombards us with messages, reminding us that we are shifting downward toward relic status, but we can comfortably manage our decline. No wonder we question our relevance. You don’t have to accept that B.S., and I mean “belief system.” What did you think I meant by B.S.? What’s unspoken is just as important as what’s spoken. Self-talk can make or break you.

As a self-talk guru, I understand that you need more than a business plan. You’ve got to have the confidence to execute it. When it comes to success, the most important conversations are the ones you have with yourself. There was a time I was nearly homeless, but I learned to turn things around by what I said to myself. Yes, over fifteen years ago, I bounced back from financial ruin in sixty days using time tested actionable strategies and techniques I share in my Get Paid Well For What You Know Facebook groupThe key to unlocking your six-figure profitability is believing (within yourself) that it’s possible. As the Founder of LevelUp Transformations, a personal development firm, a certified Motivational Speaker by Les Brown Enterprises and Inspired 2 Speak Academy, and a certified Life Coach, I can help you implement the right strategies. 

I have gained invaluable experience over the decades since that Easy Bake Oven enterprise, and I’ve been thriving for years. I am a serial entrepreneur, having owned businesses all of my life, whether fulltime or as a second stream of income. And I spent over two decades in Corporate America excelling in middle management. 

Allow me to teach you what I’ve learned, how to navigate through the pitfalls, and challenges of entrepreneurship to grow and scale your business to sustainable six or seven-figure profitability. While the landscape has shifted for entrepreneurs, one strategy remains consistent, find a need or want and fill it. I have been doing this successfully for five decades, and I can help you do it too. 

You can get paid for what you know. Age is an asset.

I am not a relic; I am relevant, and so are you. In this Information Age, knowledge and wisdom are the new currency. Your two or more decades of experience are in high demand. Gone are the days of brick and mortar businesses that required tens of thousands of dollars in startup capital for inventory, equipment, rental space, and salaries. Now, the trend in business is to click and order. Your clients want information, convenience, and personalized service. Leverage your expertise to create a freedom life, with unlimited income potential working wherever, whenever. 

The online learning space alone is a 200-billion-dollar industry.  Someone right now is looking for your knowledge and they will pay you for what you know. Let me teach you how to grow a successful online business so you can work where you want and when you want. You don’t have to be chained to a “nine to five” job.  Let me help you break free.  Be my newest success story. Learn how to get paid well for what you know.

My Philosophy: It’s Never Too Late

My philosophy is simple. It’s never too late to create your new beginning, to unleash your full potential, and utilize your vast skillset to make the most of the valuable experience you have gained over decades of hard work. 

When it comes to changing your lifestyle, changing your mindset is a necessary step. You don’t peak before fifty; you thrive after fifty. Vera Wang didn’t begin her career as a designer until she was forty. Gary Heavin was forty when he opened the first Curves fitness center in 1992, which ended up becoming one of the fastest-growing franchises of the ’90s. Tim and Nina Zagat were both fifty-one-year-old lawyers when they published their first collection of restaurant reviews under the Zagat name in 1979. It eventually became a mark of culinary authority.

 You’re not chained to Corporate America or a “nine to five” existence. Once you have the right shift in gears, the right mindset, and the positive energy that enables you to continue succeeding, age is an asset, not a liability. I teach people who are forty-five and older how to build and scale a six-figure business based on their unique expertise. It’s time to get paid well for your knowledge. Make a decision to get started today.


Whether you’re tired of the “nine to five” mindset, experiencing career burnout, downsized, laid off,  looking for a new challenge now that your family is all grown up, or looking to maximize your potential once and for all, I am here to help you. 

My mission is straightforward—to create millionaire women and men by teaching you how to crush limiting beliefs, unlock the power of intentional self-talk and actionable strategies to develop your entrepreneurial mindset. I want to enable you to strategize your dream, to empower you to grow, and in turn, to scale a six-figure profit business from wherever you so desire. 

I teach from experience. I have been “through the wringer” a couple of times but learned that the power of mindset is essential when it came to getting back up after a difficult chapter and taking control to mold what the next phase brings. I survived the 2008 financial crisis, went from being on the brink of homelessness and bankruptcy to creating self-made success, earning a substantial income, and living the life I once dreamed. 

Teaching and inspiring is in my DNA; it’s in my heart. I know that if I can learn and use strategies to yield success, you can too. I use my passion and drive to show you your success potential, to give you the autonomy to see that spark within yourself. The potential for financial freedom is within all of us.

Now is the moment to believe in your value. When it comes to success, the most important conversations you’ll have are the ones with yourself.   I am the self-talk guru who knows the power of intentional self-talk and what it takes to turn your expertise into purposeful, confident entrepreneurial success. To build a thriving business, you don’t only need a solid business plan. You need the confidence and belief system to drive it to success, and this why I offer more than numbers and spreadsheets. 

Crush your limiting beliefs, unlock the power of intentional self-talk, leverage your expertise to create a freedom lifestyle working wherever, whenever and build a thriving six-figure business.  Be my next success story.  Take a step towards a better tomorrow, Join my Get Paid Well for What You Know Facebook group now:

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