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With over 95 million Millenials in the U.S. it is understandable how anyone over 45 can struggle with feelings of irrelevance.  Due to shear volume they are changing the landscape.  Marketers are listening and responding  to their demands and employers welcome their cheaper labor costs.


But don’t count yourself out just yet.  You are as young or as old as you tell yourself that you are.  Self dialogue determines your trajectory not your age.


Ernestine Shepherd began weight training at the age of 56.  Today she is over 80 with the body of a 20 something.  Her secret, self conversation.


Vera Wang, began her first business at the age of 40.  Her secret, self conversation.


Samuel L. Jackson landed his first award-winning role at 43.  His secret, self conversation.


Henry Ford was 45 when he invented the Model T Ford.  His secret, self conversation.


Colonel Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of 62.  His secret, self conversation.


Each of the people identified above dismissed their fears and inhibitions because they mastered the art of self conversation.


What is the content of your self conversation?  Is it littered with limitations and obstacles?  Or is it filled with encouragement and re-assurance?  Remember the trajectory of your life and business is determined by the content of your self conversation.

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